About Howard Auto Preservation

Howard Auto Preservation is comprised of a unique team of graduate trained conservators, interns, and highly skilled technicians that have been serving major museums and institutions for over 20 years. We focus on the stabilization and preservation of automobiles by using preventative measures to inhibit any on-going or slow future deterioration of these “survivors”. Our mission is to better educate the general public concerning this need to protect the remaining un-restored or partially un-restored automotive gems. We hope that our passion, energy, and resources will begin to transform conventional thinking of how vehicles are dealt with in the automotive world.

Howard Auto Preservation evolved from our parent company, B.R. Howard & Associates, Inc., which has become a leading specialist in the conservation and preservation of historic artifacts. Howard Auto Preservation incorporates the same scientific research, analysis, written and photo documentation, and stabilization methods utilized in art conservation and applies them to vehicles. These methods are used as the standard guideline for collections in the museum field, and they should be applied when dealing with automobile collections as well.

The treatments that are performed by Howard Auto Preservation are individually designed to meet the specific needs of each vehicle. The materials we use to stabilize rust, paint, leather, and textiles are completely reversible; the products are custom formulated “in-house” at various concentrations and mixtures to safely stabilize the areas of deterioration and conditions observed. Our treatments are developed to preserve and enhance the car’s overall appearance without affecting the original intent of the maker or changing the historic authenticity of the car.