Howard Auto Preservation staff will discuss the conservation / preservation needs of an individual client or institution via phone, email, or on site.

Collection Surveys

Qualified personnel from Howard Auto Preservation will provide condition assessments utilizing conservators with specialized training to conduct a general collection survey, or the examination of a specific automobile.

Conservation Treatment

Howard Auto Preservation conservators are graduate trained professionals specializing in the stabilization and treatment of automobiles. All treatments strictly adhere to the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Work Code of Ethics and include written and photographic documentation as well as scientific analysis, when necessary.

  • Paint stabilization / protection
  • Rust stabilization and prevention
  • Paint sample analysis / microscopy
  • Leather and textile stabilization
  • Engine / mechanical maintenance per museum standards

Environmental Monitoring

Using the latest in environmental monitoring technology, Howard Auto Preservation can observe the temperature and relative humidity of any facility and provide scheduled reports about the effects the environment may have on the contents of that facility.

Climate Control Storage

Howard Auto Preservation can provide an environmentally stable storage location. Unlike many other storage locations, automobiles stored with us will be constantly under the supervision of trained conservators. Your autos or collection will be stored at appropriate temperature and relative humidity levels consistent with current museum standards.